So, the Irish winter begins. It's a different kind of cold. It gets into your bones - then you curse when you walk. That's not very nice.


o'connell street

Stroll around O'Connell st. before college. Too cold to sit still.


handmade falafels with houmous, cucumber, raita, chili salsa and salad

The convenience of having college near burger joints. They think about the students.


friday productivity

  1. The "thank-goodness-it's-friday-drinks"! 
  2. Got a new jacket. I'm still getting used to being back in cold weather again - the other day before heading out, I walked out my door without a jacket. Made about 10 steps to realize it was Autumn. In Ireland. (storm, rain, hail, what have you)
  3. Pretty sure a boy in my class with a nice jacket thinks I'm a ditz. He likes my jacket, yo.
  4. Everyone has a fascination with my hair. 
  5. Strange people in elevators.
  6. People in my college are all so nice.