jacket - zara; sweater - topshop; scarf - jack wills ; jeans - topshop
  1. Icona Pop
  2. Fisherman sweaters
  3. Leather
  4. Sleep
  5. Coffee
  6. Writing!
  7. This little cafe called 3FE!
On traveling, and people you meet along the way:

Good company is hard to find, but easier when you know you’ll never see them again. When traveling, your fellow travelers are your best friends. The barista at the cafe with the beard who resembles Sayid from Lost, who serves you your cappuccino can be your replacement brother, and the guy you met at a party can turn into your "i'll-tell-you-all-about-my-day" friend for a month, or two, but no longer.

The appeal of everyone as a person increases when you know your time is running out. Or maybe it’s because everyone decides to be nicer because first impressions really matter when you only have so much time with someone. Some things are better left short and unadulterated; it is what it is and what it is was perfect.



Dublin, the only country where it is possible to witness spring, summer, autumn and winter in one day.
"Wrap yourself in a thin coat and walk to your new job. Let your hands freeze and your lips burn. You like to let the cold wake you up and remind you of where you are now. You chase the train, you stare into space, you write a note, you rush to meet someone. And the more you move the closer you get to the version of yourself you’ve been chasing, you think."



Salvador DalĂ­'s painting, Woman at the Window at Figueres, 1926 is too beautiful for words.



Hahaha a Norwegian boy kept pointing at his shirt all night. Temple Bar brings out the funny.