Standing up for hours, in Irish humidity, with thousands of people is not a great combination. There were 45 minutes left of the concert, ET VOILA, I lose consciousness. Waking up to a handful of people giving me water, then being crowd surfed to the front barrier and then being carried like a puppet by a seven-foot tall man over the barrier to get out.

Check up re-enactment:

Medic: "I'm going to ask you a few questions to make sure you're okay, okay? What day is it?"

Me: "It's Wednesday!" (I was convinced it was Wednesday, but WRONG, it was Tuesday. See, my friend and I were on a road trip, so I was just following her.)

Medic: "..let's try another question, what county are you in?"

Me: Ummmm, the stadium where Bruce Springsteen's playing in?" (How was I supposed to know what stadium I was in if I didn't know what county I was in, hello.)

Medic: "What hotel are you staying in?"

Me: "It's near Lough Derg?" (Apparently Lough Derg is a river and is very big.)

The end scene:

Medic: "Oh, okay, well I think you should stay here for 20 - maybe 30 minutes to make sure you're okay. Here, you should take some oxygen too."

WAIT, it gets better! You see that stage screen in the photo? Well, the main camera for those was angled to where my friend and I were. It's such a great achievement to know that 6,000 people witnessed me being crowd surfed and carried over a barrier like donkey.

At the end of the concert people greeted me with "YEAHHHHHH!!!" rock on, man.
I hope you have a nice day and always remember your geographical location.

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