you say shopping like it's a bad thing

Regardless of whether or not something happens the way you want it to, it was meant to happen. Your consciousness doesn't register it because you're mind is so set in the ways you planned it. So, are coincidences really coincidence if things were already planned way before you thought of it? Your answer can change at any given moment. You can agree that it is when things pan out the way your mind thought it would, but also disagree when it doesn't go your way.

I think the we all want to be given these chances on a silver plate. We want it at the right time at the right place. The world has a funny way of showing it. Normally, it's when we least expect it. Which may be the universe's way of keeping us on our toes. But don't things get boring when we know what to expect? I think we all need spontaneity and just go with what's supposed to come our way.

We're happiest when we don't think at all. The element of surprise when you least expect it is priceless. The unexpected is what I think we want even if we're stubborn about it. Sometimes we like not understanding how things happen, or why we're led this direction than the other. Just go with it, you know? Do you ever think that when you're happy with the way things go, things just get better and better? Could it be because you're thinking less and just dealing with what is now? Do what makes you happy like in the words of Nike, Just Do It, yo.

Something spontaneous - like maybe getting on a plane and surprising someone you miss - key word being "surprising" i.e. without reminding them. Finish work all on day one. Your plan is going brilliantly, you say. Then you call - the phone lines seemed to have failed both of you, or maybe they just didn't want to answer, or something. Your plan is going terribly, you say. And you're left to shop (I say shop like it's a bad thing) and get shirts you already have in your closet. But much rather coffee with them, or something. Fresh city, friendly people, just not familiar faces this time around.

I think Nike's motto fits for fitness and well-being, and not for travels and surprises.

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