You're the newbie. Imagine yourself clutching a passport, and your duffel bag looks like it's about to explode at the seems because of all the over packing you've done. You over pack because you don't know what to expect, so you want to be prepared. All your clothes are brand new, carefully planning every possible scenario that could happen. Running shoes, party shoes, walking shoes, what have you. You're just eager to experience all there is and you don't want anything to spoil it.

You're the tourist. You have a list numbered accordingly. One being the first thing you need to see. You head to the big city. If you're in China, you head to the Old City. If you're in New York, you must see Times Square. London? Easy - Leicester Square. In a rush to capture all the memories in so little time. As a tourist at the beginning, you're nervous to try the food and live on 7/11. Eventually, you'll try street food and authentic cuisine because, well, you want the full experience.

You're the party-harder. You pick a hotel in Macau where the life is at. The city never sleeps. The atmosphere makes you dizzy with the bright lights and music. You love drinking with people from all over the world, just like you, and the next day - the same thing happens but never the same group of people twice.

You're the couple. You can tell that they're happy and frustrated at the same time. Travelling with other people is never easy - never really goes as smoothly - never mind being in a relationship with them. You need patience more than usual, because pretty much everything you do is together. Food, activities, decisions all have to be decided together. You normally have more than enough stories to last a dinner.

Or you can be all of the above - adjust for desired results. You can be the newbie ready to see what this new place has to offer to you. The tourist because you want to take in the culture and lifestyle. The couple because you want to share these things with someone that you like. Then, you two can be the party harders - well, because no good story every started with a salad.

You're the newbie, you're the tourist, party-harder, traveller. In the end, it's all the same. You'll have stories to share of how you got there, and what your next adventure is. You're young, live it up and meet halfway - and wear your perfectly planned outfits.

So eat Marmite and speak Chinese, while you're at it.

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